Managing Your Application Updates

Introduction to Release Channels

A Release Channel is essentially a configuration to let users and organizations choose how they want to pick up Olive Helps updates. In other words, they are the release plan the end user or organization has subscribed to for determining for which Olive Helps version they should auto-update. These are currently manually configured by Olive at the organization level and can be overridden at the user level.

There will be future work to integrate this into the org admin capabilities to let them configure their updates for the organization and individual users as necessary, but currently to change an organization or user’s release channel it requires an Olive support ticket. For example, an organization can be configured to be in the Stable/Enterprise channel, but a handful of users in that organization can be configured to be in Stable Candidate to be able to pilot new releases before they go out to everyone in the org. Loop authors could be in the latest channel, and we can release to this channel with updates without affecting the timelines of enterprise customers. The main release channels are described below.


This is the default channel for any individual or organization if they don’t specifically have a channel configured. Please note: Olive can release to this channel at any time without prior warning to users or organizations.

This channel is a great choice for Loop Partners or users who are looking to always be up on the latest release.


The Enterprise channel only gets new versions released at specific, pre-announced times, typically about every month. Please note: There would be communication to these users/organizations about a week in advance of a version update. This is a great choice for conservative, enterprise organizations who want a chance for a version to be out in the field for a period of time before moving to it.

Enterprise Candidate

This is a channel that one or more users could subscribe to at an organization that’s on the Enterprise channel, and it is intended to be used as a way to pilot a version to the Enterprise channel. It’s a great choice for a select few users who want to make sure the move to the new Enterprise version won’t cause any problems for them and give them a chance to report issues to Olive support prior to us bumping the Enterprise version.

Please note: There would be communication 1-3 days in advance of the release of a new Enterprise Candidate version to those that are subscribed to this channel.

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