Setting up Your Quick Reference Loop with a Knowledge Area

Setting up your Source Document

  1. Download a copy of the Quick Reference template by visiting the link -> Quick Reference Loop

  2. Use the README to determine how to populate the columns

  3. Organize your content in the Category > (Optional) Subcategory > Topic > Content structure

  4. Add Markdown to help highlight the content of the Loop

Configuring your Knowledge Area

Once you’ve installed the Quick Reference Loop, configure it for your needs using Knowledge Areas, defined bodies of knowledge within the Loop. You’ll need access to the right reference document(s), likely stored on your organization’s network drive. If not, reach out to a manager or administrator and let them know you need access to the source document(s).

  • Select the Loop from the dropdown menu to trigger its Start Whisper, the welcome card. If you haven’t set up a ‘Knowledge Area’ yet, click ‘Next’.

  • Find your appropriate reference document (likely on a network drive) and drag it into the dropzone. This file should be a single Microsoft Excel file of .xlsx type.

  • Give your Knowledge Area a unique name. Similarly, give your Knowledge Area a relevant and brief description.

  • When you’re done filling in these fields, click ‘Pair’. If there is an issue, a yellow warning message will pop up detailing the problem.

  • If a ‘Validation Errors’ Whisper appears, there are issues with the content in the document. Please share the errors with your manager, and they should update the reference document. You may then ‘Try pairing file again’.

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