Setup SSO using SAML

How to setup single sign on for your organization with an identity provider that utilizes SAML.

To configure Olive Helps to use your organization's single sign on flow you will need to create the application in your IdP, configure the SAML connection, and lastly work with Olive technical team to configure the integration between your organization's identity provider and Olive's authentication service. Olive Helps' authentication service can work with most IdPs such as Okta, PingFederate, SecureAuth or others. Linked here is a rough guide to configuring Okta with Olive Helps. The steps will be similar to other IdPs as the SAML connection will require the single sign on url as well as audience URI. Other attributes may need to be setup based on your organizations rules.

You can start configuring SSO for Helps by creating the app and SAML integration in your IdP. Once that is set you can contact Olive Support or your Olive account representative to finalize the connection with an Olive tech lead. If you choose to contact support you will need to have an Olive Helps account to sign into the support portal. Support documentation can be found here.

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