Accessing the Quick Reference Loop*

*Also known as the Knowledge Reference Loop

The Quick Reference Loop pulls content from Excel templates to create customizable "Knowledge Areas", or simple bodies of content that are easy to view and search. This content is sourced from document(s) that are stored locally on your desktop or on a network drive. Find information quickly and easily in this Loop, from insurance documentation to scripting guidance, or a list of FAQs in your organization.

If your organization already uses the Quick Reference Loop, follow these steps to download Olive Helps with your work email. Then,

  • Navigate to the Loop Library (in the bottom navigation bar)

  • Search for the Knowledge Reference Loop in the search bar

  • Click on the Knowledge Reference Loop created by Olive

  • Click ‘Add’

Note: if you know your organization has access to this Loop, but it doesn’t show up in your Loop Library, reach out to your manager and an IT administrator to ensure you have the right organization permissions.

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