Distributing Olive Helps

Guidelines on distributing Olive Helps to employee workstations.

Download Olive Helps

To download the latest version of the Olive Helps installer (for the Enterprise release channel), visit the link below. The download should start immediately.

Windows 10+ .msi Installer (per machine installs) Windows 10+ .exe Installer (per user installs) Mac .dmg Installer (per machine or per user installs)

Distributing Olive Helps on Windows

To distribute Olive Helps within your enterprise, you can leverage your standard software distribution tools (e.g. SCCM). You can use a tool like SCCM to install Olive Helps across your enterprise by running the MSI installer (with or without special flags).

Example Installation Command

msiexec /i "<full path to MSI file>"

The default directory the application gets installed into is: C:\Program Files\Olive Helps

For reference, here is documentation for the msiexec command. Some helpful flags:

  • /qn - doesn't show an installation UI

  • /norestart - doesn't reboot the machine after installation finishes

Custom Installation Directory

msiexec /i "<full path to MSI file>" APPLICATIONROOTDIRECTORY=<target directory>

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